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1, Which currency the prices are at your website? And does it include shipping?
A: The currency is US dollars. Visit Shipping for general shipping rules of our website.

2. My I have your size Chart of shoes and clothing?
A: yes, visit our page of SIZE.

3, How do I place an order on your site?
A: There are two ways, the first, add items to shopping cart and check out,leave your correct information, your will get order confirmation immediately.The second, you can send us items name or item pictures by email; we will makea proforma invoice for you.

4. Where are you located?
A: We are located in PuTian city, China..

5. Do you retail?
A: Yes, we do both wholesale and retail business.

6, Can I resell your replica items?  
A: Yes. We can offer you pictures (with no watermarks). Our comprehensiveprogram is designed for website owners, e-bay retailers, or people who justwant to make extra money by selling our products to their friends and relative

7. Is it a scam for your site?
A: No! We do not cheat any client. We only do good business with them and makemoney together with them. If you have a lot of question like these, it isbetter to stop contacting us. We can
t afford lots of question like this and donot want to waste our time on it. We have clients in all over the world. If youfeel dangerous to do business with us, you can buy from our clients who live inyour country.

8. Will the custom seize my packages?
A: 98% of the packages are safe. We cannot guarantee 100%. But we will not letyou to assume the lost alone. If your price is not the top lowest price, Wewill share half/half together with you for the lost when the custom seize thepackages. 

9. Is there a high custom fee for my products?
A: It depends. 90% of the packages from us will arrive to your door directly,and the custom will charge you nothing. But some time, it is unlucky that thecustoms will charge some fee from you. When this happen, we can do nothing for you. So please consider this to your cost when you start this business. It is not good to expect us to share the custom fee together with you. We are sorry and beg you to understand it. We will do our best to avoid this question, suchas send small packages to you and send to different shipping address or ship toyour clients directly for you. But we cannot guarantee 100% that the custom will not charge custom fee from you or your clients.

10. Are all the products on your site in stock?

A: No. It is better to check your order with us before your purchase.

When you become our long term clients, We will do our best tosatisfy you. We will keep stock for you.

11. What kind of clients do you prefer?
A: We regard all the clients. But prefer professional sellers. We would like todo business with our clients honestly and friendly. No cheat and no insult. We do not like the clients who waste a lot of time and never really want to purchase from us.

12. Will your price be the cheapest ones?
A: No. We charge our buyers a reasonable price, but not the cheapest ones. Maybe you can get a cheaper price from other suppliers. But we will never try to drop our price to fit the clients who want low price. We prefer to spend a lot of time and money on our customers service and let it become better and better.But we will never sell a high price too. We would like to make money togetherwith our clients and let the business goes to the best we can reach. 

13. Can you do OEM for us ?
Answer: We are not a factory, but a trader, but we have good relationship withour supplier and OEM factories. If you can trust us, We can supply OEM for you.

14. When and how can I check my package shipping status? 
You can check the status on the express website within 2 days after your package sent.

15.Do you ship all over the world?
 Yes, we can ship goods to every countries of the world.

16, I want to order from your site, but I want to get a sample first. Can I?
A: Yes, you can order a sample from our site to test the quality. And itsrefundable in your future order of wholesale.

17, When will you ship my items?
A: We will ship out your items within 36 hours as soon as we receive thepayment.  

18, How long will it take to receive my order? 
A: We ship within 48 Hours of receiving your payment, unless otherwise noted.Most orders take 7-18 days for delivery. if you want need urgent your parcel pls add pay usd 20 for shipping by DHL cost ,

19, How can I know my order status ? 
A: Once the replica items shipped, we will inform you a shipping tracking number, with which you can check the status of your order online.

20,I have submitted my order on your website, but why no answer for me ?
A: Infact, we sent invoice to you, but cant reach your email, the reason is the email address you left is wrong, A valid email is required. 

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